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Why Choose TJA?


We offer the perfect balance of creativty, project, and fun along with Educational Data.  TJA represents the best qualities of a private and public education combined into one! Among our accomplishments for the 2019 School Year are as follows:

  • 1) Top rated school wide academic growth! Fact: Our students grow more than the national average in Math and Reading. As measured by i-Ready national assessments, Jewish Academy students demonstrated 79% higher Annual Typical Growth in English Language Arts and 17% higher Annual Typical Growth in Math as measured by i-Ready’s midyear diagnostic assessment. 

  • State of the art curriculum based on best practices in education. Our curriculum received the Bill Gates Foundations' Ed Reports Highest Recommendation.

  • 2) 1,500 school wide hours of individualized online instruction in Math and English Language Arts, including advanced and redial work.

  • 3) Approximately 25% of our students receiving one-on-one or small group tutoring in core general studies subjects.

  • 4) A Hebrew Lab program providing one-on-one or small group Hebrew instruction.

  • 5) Project Based Learning: The TJA Science Fair, Career Week, the Math to Life Fair, and Jewish Values Fair are just a few of the many academic showcases our students participate in annually.

Jewish Values

Do you dream of finding a school that is your partner in teaching your child kindness, peace, truth, and respect.  TJA incorporates Values in everything we do, every classroom, every teacher, and every student! We highlight our Jewish values in a number of ways including:

  • 1) A Positive Behavior Support (PBS) System providing every student positive opportunities to shine: A monthly Leadership Breakfast series, a monthly PBS Breakfast, and PBS Field Trips.

  • 2) Weekly Kabbalah Shabbat Program where our students welcome Shabbot with music, food, and words of Torah.

  • 3) After-school programing include the Boys and Girls Mishmar and Bat Mitzah Club. 

  • 4) The Purim Carnival, Challah Bakes, Chanukah Menorah Competition, The Jewish Values Fair, Sunday JEP (Jewish Educational) Program, Father/Son Learning Series, and More.

Community Environment

TJA is a very close and warm community.  Our children are happy and love to come to school.  We celebrate Shabbat and Holidays together.  Our teachers implement a PBS or Positive Behavioral System which creates great ruach and positivity in our school at all times!

Torah Judaism

We teach inspiring Torah and our students love to learn.  Our Rabbis and teachers are warm and relatable, and their lessons are fun and relevant. TJA students leave each day thirsty to learn even more about the Judaisim they have grown to love!

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