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The Hebrew Lab

Are you worried your child is far behind in their Hebrew knowledge? Your child is in 5th grade and just learning the Aleph Bet? Don't sweat! The Jewish Academy services students of various levels of Hebrew proficiency. Students who are in need of support in Hebrew Language can opt their child into the Hebrew Lab program. Hebrew Lab Program students receive small group (2-5 students) direct instruction in Hebrew twice a week. Students attend the Hebrew Lab during the Kodesh block of our academic schedule. Enroll your child into the Hebrew Lab Program today by clicking the link below. 


Our Hebrew Lab Teachers
Morah Miriam Djerassi
Miriam was born and raised in Israel and is as 2nd generation Holocaust survivor. She has worked as a Hebrew teacher for over two decades is is known for her fun, meaningful, and interactive lessons with her students.

Morah Ora Tomas
Born and raised in Israel, Ora has served in the IDF and has worked for over 25 years as a Hebrew teacher/language specialist in South Florida. 


Morah Miriam Djerassi
Monday, Thursday

Morah Ora Tomas


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