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New Students

Admissions Steps

Welcome to The Jewish Academy, South Florida's premier Jewish Day School and recipient of the School Choice Leadership Award. TJA is proud to be one of the fastest growing Jewish Schools in South Florida. We are fully enrolled for the 2023-2024 Academic Year with only a lottery to decide the few remaining seats. The hallmark of TJA is Top Quality Academics, Jewish Values, and warm family environment. We are truly grateful for your interest in joining the TJA family, and should this be the right fit for your child and if he or she is awarded one of the last remaining seats, it would be our greatest pleasure to partner together with you to build your child into a TJA superstar. Below are the admission steps to apply for the Jewish Academy:


The Jewish Academy's admissions process is highly selective. Just as your child is precious to you, our children are precious to us. We have a rigorous process for selecting students to join our school and only those families/students who meet our high standards will be accepted. 

In order to be considered for admissions to The Jewish Academy, families must obtain the following information from their previous school: 

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-11 at 9.44.39 AM (1).jpg


Report card/academic transcripts from the previous school year


Standardized test scores for the previous school year


Updated immunization/Health records

This information will need to be uploaded on the school Enrollment Form below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Louise Uzan at

Step 1

Fill Out Admissions Application

Parents must fill out the New Student Application Form in our Application Portal and pay an application fee of $500 per child. Families who do not win our Entrance Lottery will have their application fee refunded in full. 

Step 2

If needed, Apply For Scholarships

It is our core belief that no family should be denied access to a Jewish school due to a lack of financial resources. The Jewish Academy supports families in applying for a number of Jewish Community and Non-Profit/Government Scholarships. Chinuch Yehudi, Oorah, and Nechomas Yisrael provides millions of dollars each year to support Jewish Families from public schools who transition their children to a Jewish Day School. Jewish Academy parents also receive valuable support from a number of government/non-profit programs including Step-Up for Students. We also provide in-school tuition scholarships based on financial need.

Step 3

Academic Assessment & Entrance Interview

The Application Portal will include scheduling an Academic Assessment & entrance interview for your child(ren). The assessment window is from 9:00AM-1:00PM Monday-Thursday. The Math & Reading assessment takes appropriately three hours to complete with scheduled breaks. 

The Jewish Academy is a college preparatory academy with rigorous academic standards. Family is financially responsible for providing private tutoring if their child is below grade level as measured by our in house academic assessment. 

Step 4

Sign Tuition Contract

Soon after families have filled out an Admissions Application and paid their registration fees, a Tuition Contract for the year will be emailed to them. This tuition contract must be returned prior to our Admissions Lottery.

Admissions Lottery

Due to a waitlist for admissions for the 2024-2025 School Year, entrance will be determined by a Lottery. Our 2024-2025 Open House will be announced shortly and all candidates are welcome to attend. After our Open House, we will release a list of winners of our 2024-2025 Selection Lottery on the Jewish Academy website.

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