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At the Jewish Academy, we deeply value professional, respectful, and responsive communication. We ask that our parents email our staff without hesitation. We are here to serve you, your children, and our community. Our school wide policy is that staff members must respond to emails within 24 hours of initial contact. You may click the link below to schedule a meeting with one of our teacher or faculty members.

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Rabbi Albert received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Talmudic University and an MS in Marriage & Family Therapy from Barry University. Rabbi Albert served as a pulpit Rabbi in the Young Israel of Aventura and a Rabbinic Head of the Scheck Hillel Community Day School. He founded the College Jewish Experience in Orlando and Gainesville which he later merged into YEHUDI and founded YEHUDI on Campus.

Rabbi Chaim Albert, Head of Schools

Rabbi Ariel Edry was born and raised in Eretz Israel. When he was 21 he immigrated to America where he studied under Rabbi Yochanan Zweig, Shlita. Shortly before receiving Smicha, Rabbi Edry graduated with a Bachelors in Talmudic Law from Talmudic University and both a Masters and Doctorate degree in Jewish Education. After serving as a Rabbi for the Yeshiva of Miami, Rabbi Edry founded Shorashim, a kiruv organization, which connects young, Jewish teens with Torah and Jewish life. Rabbi Edry has been teaching since 2006. In addition to teaching Torah, Rabbi Edry is the president of BHD properties Group.

Rabbi Ariel Edry, 

Chief Operations Officer

Rabbi Yehuda Kornfeld was born and raised in Israel. Studied in Yeshiva chevron and Mir yeshiva He received his Rabbinic Ordination from the Talmudic University of Miami. He received certification as a Life Coach from The Israel National Certifying Board of Life Coaching and is a certified Marriage Counselor from the Yanar Center in Jerusalem. He was the founding director of Masoret Yehudit, a Jewish Day School in Miami, Florida. He is also the Founder of JFI- Jewish Family Identity, an organizations whose goal is to instill Jewish identity amongst first and second generation Israelis living across the United States. He serves as a Rabbi and mentor to hundreds of Jewish families throughout South Florida

Rabbi Yehuda Kornfeld,
Founder/Community Outreach

Rabbi Anton received smicha in 1997 from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim (Rabbinical Seminary of America) in Queens, New York and holds a Masters in Education from Adelphi University. Rabbi Anton has played a vital role in growing the Jewish Academy's community presence in Hollywood and across the S. Florida community. In Rabbi Anton's over 20 years of experience in chinuch, he has served as a beloved Rebbi by his talmidim and Assistant Principal of Klurman Elementary and Rohr Middle School. 


Rabbi Anton,

Director of Development

Born and and raised in Hollywood, Florida, Moshe received a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida in History & Political Science and Master's in Education from both Harvard University (in Education Policy & Management) and the University of Miami (in Curriculum Design). Moshe has excelled as a teacher at the elementary school, middle school, and college level. During his time in Teach For America, Moshe was nominated for a Transformation Change Award for his excellence in the classroom. Moshe's Jewish education includes two years at Machon Yaakov/David Robinson Institute for Jewish Heritage in Jerusalem.

Moshe Hecht,

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Gina is Superwoman of the Jewish Academy. Among  her responsibilities, Gina counsels Jewish Academy families on government scholarships and tuition management. She is a mother and wife for her beautiful family. Gina is beloved by the TJA family for her warmth, positive spirit, and consistent support.

Rabbi Jablon,
Director of Limudei Kodesh/Rebbi of 7/8th Grade 

Gina Etgar


Happy Circle


Rabbi Simcha Adelman comes to us with years of experience teaching nearly all general and Judaic subjects to all ages. He has been recognized for his unique ability to manage any classroom successfully and build powerful relationships with his students through a Torah-based approach to interpersonal relationships. Simcha uses this same approach in his unique blend of positive and negative reinforcement to help remediate antisocial behavior in his role as Dean of Students. Simcha holds an M.A. in Global History from Arizona State University and studied in Rabbi Zweig's Yeshiva in Miami Beach as well.

Rebenit Edry,

Director of Preschool


Louise Uzan earned her degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education and taught for twenty-five years including schools in New York, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Hollywood and Israel.  She realized that her calling was to help others and contribute to Tikkun Olam. Mrs. Uzan was the Administrator of the Israeli Aliyah Center, Office Manager of a private foster care agency and the Oral History Coordinator at the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center before joining The Jewish Academy as the School Administrator.

Louise Uzan,


Mr. Zachary Kertesz attained a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University in English and Creative Writing.  Concurrently, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Subsequently, he earned a Master’s Degree in Writing from Nova Southeastern University.  Ensuing his own education, Mr. Kertesz cultivated an atmosphere for learning as a Teacher and Administrator for over 15 years in the public and private sectors of education.

Zak Kertesz,
Dean of Students

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Reb. Albert

General Studies Teachers

Education Books Bookshelfs

Ms. Tanger

Education Books Bookshelfs

Ms. Razla
3rd Grade

Education Books Bookshelfs

Ms. Lascar,
1st Grade

Education Books Bookshelfs

Ms. Sivan
4th & 5th Grade

Education Books Bookshelfs

Ms. Paige,
2nd Grade

Education Books Bookshelfs

Ms. Harris
7th Grade

Education Books Bookshelfs

Mr. Elan Kahana
6 & 8th Grade

Judaic Studies Teachers

Morah Efrat

Morah Efrat,

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Morah Fishman,
1st/2nd Grade

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Rabbi Razla
4th Grade & 5th/6th Grade Boys

Star of David

Fill in.

Morah Lichtman,
1st Grade

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Morah Levy,
1st/2nd Grade

Reading a Book

Fill in.

Morah Schrek,
2nd Grade

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Morah Weinberger,
3rd Grade Girls Kodesh

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Morah Albert,
5th/6th Grade Girls

Early Childhood Teachers

Image by Erika Fletcher

Morah Robin,

JG-9373 Fin.JPG

Morah Samantha,