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At the Jewish Academy, we deeply value professional, respectful, and responsive communication. We ask that our parents email our staff without hesitation. We are here to serve you, your children, and our community. Our school wide policy is that staff members must respond to emails within 24 hours of initial contact. You may click the link below to schedule a meeting with one of our teacher or faculty members.


Rabbi Chaim Albert, Head of Schools

Rabbi Ariel Edry, 

Chief Operations Officer

Rabbi Yehuda Kornfeld,
Founder/Community Outreach

Rabbi Anton,

Director of Development

Moshe Hecht,
Vice Principal

Happy Circle

Rebenit Edry,

Director of Preschool

Simcha Adelman,

Dean of Students/7th Grade General Studies

Gina Etgar



Louise Uzan,


Batel Benshlomo,

STEP Up & Scholarships Coordinator

General Studies Teachers

Mr. Kertez,

6th & 8th Grade/English Department Director

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Morah Joan,

Kindergarten/1st Grade,

Montessori Education Director

Mr. Kahana,
5th Grade

Morah Zee,

2nd-3rd Grade 

Morah Shiran,

4th Grade

Judaic Studies Teachers

Star of David
Reading a Book

Rabbi David Nissel,

7/8th Grade Boys Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Zaidenberg,

5/6th Grade Limudei Kodesh

Rabbi Razla,

4th Grade Kodesh

Morah Albert,

5-8th Grade Girls Kodesh

Morah Efrat,

Kindergarten/1st Limudei Kodesh 

Rabbi Moshe Salid,

5-8th Grade Boys Rebbi

Morah Gritz,

2/3rd Grade Kodesh

Early Childhood Teachers

Morah Shulamit,

Early Childhood 3

Morah Samantha,


Morah Sarah,

Early Childhood 2

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