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Middle School 6-8

In 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades our students benefit from a stronger focus on critical and creative thinking. Moreover, preteens tend to be more concerned with why they are learning subjects and skills, thus we place a strong emphasis on demonstrating the relevance of classroom learning.  It is during Middle School when the ability to leverage technology in learning is even more imperative and we have a one to one Laptop Program. Middle School Students enjoy cross curricular activities such as building Jewish Values Websites during STEM, publishing a Literary Journal, Israel-themed Science Fair, and our Math to Life Project.


One of TJA's strongest qualities is the positive ruach that can be felt within our school.  Our teachers implement PBS during class time, the walls are full of signs and slogans, and our Core Jewish Values are discussed in every class from Math to PE.  Your preteen will feel at home in TJA, and will love coming to school each day.  We have developed a culture of excellent after school activities such as Mishmar, Krav Maga, Robotics and more.  Your preteen will love TJA!

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