Our Story

TJA was founded to provide a quality Jewish Education for every Jewish Child.

In 2010 a group of Israeli entrepreneurs visited South Florida and realized there was a large sector of the Jewish Community who was not receiving an opportunity to have a Jewish education. Knowing how important Jewish education was in their mission to stop assimilation, Rav Yehuda Pollishuk, Moshe Avraham, Yoni Gurelik, Zev Oratz along with Rabbis Avshalom Baskin and Yehuda Kornfeld initiated an organization called Masoret Yehudit which eventually became The Jewish Academy. It started with a few students and passionate parents who believed in this mission. Today it has blossomed into a fully subscribed ECE, Elementary and Middle school (currently offering 7th grade and adding one grade each year B”H).

The Jewish Academy is an Orthodox school that takes pride in teaching Jewish tradition with love and care. We accommodate families with different levels of observance and backgrounds so all will feel welcome.  It is our belief that Jewish education is a birthright and not a privilege. The Jewish Academy prides itself on achieving academic excellence in both English and Judaic studies. We have a strong commitment to innovation through technology as this is an imperative to compete in today’s global economy.  Our students love receiving their cutting edge education within the warmth and love of the The Jewish Academy family!