Request a parent teacher conference 

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Open, honest, and constructive communication is essential to a successful partnership. We value our relationships with our most important stakeholders to our kids success, our parents. Parents can arrange a virtual parent teacher conference over Zoom 

Steps to arrange a virtual meeting

Step 1- Click on the link of the teacher you are requesting a meeting from below.

Step 2- Choose a time to meet and make the request

Step 3- After the teacher reviews and approves the meeting time, a link will be sent back with you to enter a  Zoom Teleconference for the scheduled time and day of the meeting. 


Rabbi Chaim Albert,

Head of Schools

Rabbi Ariel Edry,

Community Poseck

Moshe Hecht,

Vice Principal

Rabbi Yehuda Kornfeld,


Rabbi Avraham Anton,

Community Development

Rabbi Simcha Adelman,

Dean of Students

Gina Etgar,


Rebetzin Albert

Administrative Assistant 

Rebetzin Edry,

Early Childhood Director

General Studies

Joan Kinzel,

Kindergarden/1st Grade

Melissa Zee,

2nd/3rd Grade

Morah Shiran,

4th Grade

Mr. Kahana,
5th Grade/7th Grade

7th Grade General Studies (Mr. Kahana)

8th Grade General Studies (Mr. Kertesz/Gartz)


Efrat Zeller,

Kindergarden/1st Grade

Morah Michal,

2nd/3rd Grade

Adam Razla

4th Garde

Morah Albert,

5th-8th Girls

Rabbi Zaidenberg,

5th/6th Boys

Rabbi David,

7/8th Boys

Early ChildhooD

Morah Sarah,


Morah Shulamit,


Morah Samantha,