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is the medium that allows students to log into live classes from home.

Dear Jewish Academy Parents:


Follow these steps in order to log in successfully with Clever. If you still have issues, do not hesitate to email our Tech Support Specialist, Moshe Balgley, at


Steps to logging into Clever


Step 1:

Have your child go to (if using a computer), or open the Clever App (if using an iPad):



Step 2:

Click on, "Log in as a student":



Step 3 A: 

Parents can print out their child's Clever Badge on their Clever Parent Portal instead of logging in with Google. In order to do this: Click Clever Badge on your child's portal and Print the QR code for each of your kids to use to sign in.



Step 3 B:

Search "The Jewish Academy" in the school list, and click on it:


Step 4:

Click on "Log in with Google":

Step 5:

If other people are listed, press "Use another account":

Step 6:

Type in your child's first name, then last name, then as the email address. Some of the emails may be altered slightly, please see the attached list for your child.

For example, Jane Smith would be:

Then press Next.


Step 7:

The password is TJA12345.

It is highly recommended that you change the password later on.

Then press Next.


Step 8:

Accept the terms of use (if asked), and then you should be taken back to Clever:


Step 9:

There should be a section called "Zoom Links". Underneath you will see all the needed links for your child.


Whenever your child has a class, the class can be reached by clicking on the correct Zoom picture.


Steps to logging into Zoom using a computer:

Step 1:

Click on the correct link as shown in the picture above (you may need to tap it twice if on an iPad).


Step 2:

Click on Join with Computer Audio: