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Early Childhood

The Jewish Academy aims to provide a stimulating environment, enabling your child to develop his innate curiosity, creativity and eagerness for learning. When children experience the thrill of exploration, the exhilaration of active play, and the security of a supportive teacher and peer group, they discover that fun and learning are synonymous. Promoting independence and concentration lays the foundation for a lifetime of success.

We seek to encourage the habits and skills necessary to become critical and caring thinkers and citizens. Our exceptionally qualified and experienced teachers understand child development and respect your child’s unique attributes. Warm and caring professionals nurture and inspire your child’s natural desire to learn and grow. Our high teacher-to-student ratio facilitates instruction that is differentiated according to your child’s needs and provides meaningful opportunities to develop character and social skills in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. It is our belief that a wide variety of activities are an integral part of development and learning for Early Childhood students.

Experiential Learning is extremely important at the EC level and thus our students enjoy Music, Arts and Crafts, Yoga and movement theory, and so much more!


3 Year Old Program

Age 3 by Sept. 1st Our 3 year old program focuses on preparing children to develop their emerging skills. The students begin to identify letters from both the English and Hebrew alphabet, as they explore their print-rich environment. Each week is filled with interactive science, social studies, math and literacy skills that all connect with the letter of the week.

Letters begin to have meaning for these young learners as they discover the sound that the letters make, and connect them with real-life use. Hebrew language is a strong focus as well. The children are encouraged to respond in Hebrew, as they sing Hebrew songs, say tefillot each day and learn the Parshat Hashavua. The Chagim come alive as they explore the holiday stories and customs through hands-on activities and develop a strong Jewish identity.

4 Year Old Program

Age 4 by Sept. 1st (VPK) Our four year old children have lots to learn as they prepare for Kindergarten. At this stage, children are ready to begin understanding print and are starting the reading process. Our students master a variety of pre-reading skills, which will ensure success in Kindergarten. They experience a balanced language approach to reading and writing. Weekly songs, poems, and stories help children develop phonological awareness, comprehension and oral language skills. There is a strong emphasis on relationships and community, with integrated content in math, science, social studies, art and music. The students are exposed to many different science concepts, with exploration in a hands-on, interactive manner. Students are tested for Reading Readiness and assessed using the VPK assessments which are provided and graded by Broward County. Children begin an in-depth study of the Hebrew alphabet with a strong focus on Jewish values and the children continue to explore Jewish holidays and the weekly Torah portion through exciting activities and art.


Early Childhood

Chanukah Celebration


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