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is the medium that allows students to log into live classes from home.

Dear Jewish Academy Parents,

Steps to logging into Clever


Step 1:

Have your child go to clever.com (if using a computer), or open the Clever App (if using an iPad):


Step 2:

Click on, "Log in as a student":


Step 3 A: 

Parents can print out their child's Clever Badge on their Clever Parent Portal instead of logging in with Google. In order to do this: Click Clever Badge on your child's portal and Print the QR code for each of your kids to use to sign in.



Step 3 B:

Search "The Jewish Academy" in the school list, and click on it:


Step 4:

Click on "Log in with Google":

Step 5:

If other people are listed, press "Use another account":

Step 6:

Type in your child's first name, then last name, then @tjaonline.com as the email address. Some of the emails may be altered slightly, please see the attached list for your child.

For example, Jane Smith would be: janesmith@tjaonline.com.

Then press Next.


Step 7:

The password is TJA12345.

It is highly recommended that you change the password later on.

Then press Next.


Step 8:

Accept the terms of use (if asked), and then you should be taken back to Clever:


Step 9:

There should be a section called "Zoom Links". Underneath you will see all the needed links for your child.

Whenever your child has a class, the class can be reached by clicking on the correct Zoom picture.


Steps to logging into Zoom using a computer:

Step 1:

Click on the correct link as shown in the picture above (you may need to tap it twice if on an iPad).


Step 2:

Click on Join with Computer Audio: